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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  August 16, 2012 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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good morning.
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>> i'm terry msweeney in for eric thomas. and i'm kristen sze. [ talking over each other ] good morning welcome to thursday. it is dry this morning. the mist not even as prevalent as it was yesterday clouds are out there we have flight arrival delays into sfo of 68 minutes everybody else is fine. clouds open for a little sun along the coast. through the bay, cloudy this morning, 50s, sunshine a little faster that will push us to near 60 to 70 at noon, 64 to 76 with a mostly sunny sky and breezy by 4:00. inland a few clouds, 50s to low 60s sun by noon mid 70s to mid 80s warmest 2:00, 80 to 90 at 4:00. here's frances.
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earlier overturn crash westbound 24 in orinda but wouldn't know i traffic didn't slow. bay bridge toll minor wait for some of the cash paying lanes traffic starting to pick up with schools getting back in the swing of things. we'll keep an eye on the bay bridge. the san mateo bridge looks good now, no trouble westbound on the right for taillights no problems san jose headlights northbound 280 unhighway 17. we are just -- just beg new information on breaking news out of afghanistan. nato says all seven international troops killed in a helicopter crash were american. four afghans were also killed. the taliban ban claiming responsibility for shooting down the -- down the helicopter. nato is investigating the cause, did not on the taliban claims. here at home, today is expected to be a key day for suspended sheriff ross mirkarimi. amy hollyfield joins us live
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from city hall with the final ethics commission hearing that is about to get underway in three hours. >> reporter: good morning. it is finally here. you have been hearing about the ross mirkarimi situation for eight months. today an official decision is expected. the suspended sheriff has call the hearings going on before the ethics commission an unnecessarily protracted dog and pony show. he will appear today before that panel his lawyer with a lawyer for the city will make closing arguments then the panel is expected to recommend whether mirkarimi should keep his job. mayor ed lee wants him out and says he hasn't thought about the possibility of mirkarimi remaining as sheriff. >> i haven't thought about the consequences of it. i think we have to take this step-by-step what is before us is the record that has been established. i think people need to make the responsibility decision. we hope they do.
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and then we'll deal with whatever consequences there are. >> reporter: the mayor suspended mirkarimi from his job as sheriff after mirkarimi pleaded guilty to false imprisonment in connection with a fight he had with his wife. the newspapers are split about what should happen. the chronicle has an editorial saying he should not be allowed to keep his job. the examiner has an editorial saying mirkarimi deserves another chance. an official recommendation from the ethics commission is expected today. amy hollyfield, abc7 news. chevron is facing its first lawsuit from last week's fire. three law firms filed on behalf of nine richmond residents, including three children. they accuse chevron of gross negligence relating to safety and response to the fire. chevron officials say the company will review each suit based on the merits of the
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claim. samsung scheduled to make major announcement today about the company's future plans in northern california. mayor and governor will be there. in the meantime a judge overseeing the patent trial between sam sung and apple is urging -- urging both to try to settle. the jury begins deliberating next apple claiming samsung is infringeing on its patents. -- another big step towards the construction of the bay bridge crews will begin lifting more than 35,000 tons of steel that transfers weight of the bridge deck from the temporary supports currenting holding it, over to the cable suspension system that will carry it for the next century. the construction will take three months to complete. in southern california, evacuation order has been lifted for people in riverside county. the fire started earlier this
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week and this is aerial video showing the flames yesterday in temecula. so far the fire has charred more than 2,000 acres now 40% contained offs lived evacuation order last night -- officials lifted evacuation order last night this is video from washington state, showing the charred ruins of homes destroyed in a wildfire south of seattle. in all, 60 homes have been destroyed in what is being called the taylor bridge fire, 30,000 acres have burned, 70 large fires are now burning across 13 states, west of the mississippi. firefighters paying close attention to the forecast this morning we all do, fires for them it can be a matter of life and death. >> it has been a busy week for them in california. i think near the central valley temperatures may go up a little today compared to yesterday as the sea breeze isn't as strong it could be worse. good morning. live doppler quiet.
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dry conditions even the mist that we dealt with yesterday is few and far between this morning. area of low pressure to our west, clouds, thunderstorms, then another high still hanging out to our south pumping up that warm air in between huge microclimates today and variable conditions from cloudy this morning, 50s to near 60, mostly sunny away from the coast by noon mid to upper 50s most of the day lunchtime upper 60s bay mid 70s inland mid 80s inland by 4:00, mid 70s bay, increase in clouds by 7:00 mid 70s inland to upper 60s around the bay. pollen hasn't changed if you haven't been suffering, good news, moderate amounts of tree, mold, ragweed, grass low. temperatures on the decline increase in clouds tomorrow into saturday, linger into sunday, -- it is dry in the
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weekend forecast. right now no major trouble spots reported, we'll take you around the bay area starting off with i-80 in berkeley, a truck off to the right, westbound getting more conjested no major slow downs from the carquinez out of vallejo towards the bay bridge toll which is still very light check out this car trying to get out of carpool lanes, not a good idea. at least there's no big line. 101 san rafael southbound fine now this is past the marin civic center no delays out of novato to the golden gate bridge, which is fog-free as terry confirmed and we saw with it the live shot. here's 101 in san jose, football for headlights un880, light traffic south bay -- under 880, light traffic south bay and peninsula. still ahead, stock market
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opens up in 20 minutes. all eyes will be on facebook. the important test the company is now facing. you may be using them now to cook breakfast. michael finney with which nonstick pants come out on top in a new consumer reports test.
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welcome back many you can see clouds taking off half the tower on the bay bridge going to be lifting, warming a bit mike nicco in a bit. clouds around facebook stock faces huge test when the period ends on almost 270 million shares owned by insiders. if they bail shares could flood the market sending the price perhaps lower than the $21 at which it closed yesterday down from ipo price of $38 a share. many expect insiders to hang on until the stock recovers. employees can't sell until november. we go live to jane king at the new york stock exchange. if you are cooking breakfast this morning you may be using a nonstick pan. which set is best and how long will they last? michael finney shows some pans
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last longer than others. >> reporter: good morning technology for none stick cookware may change -- for nonstick cookware may change. >> west most amazing cookware set i've never seen anything like this. >> reporter: home shopping network says this set makes cooking easier. >> when the pan is hot this will change colors. >> the spot did change to solid red at 400°. >> color of the spot doesn't change if the pan gets too hot. you still have to pay attention. >> consumer reports testing the t-fal with a dozen others. many did a better job in this test that an s how evenly a pan cooks. the pancake turned out a little blotchy. >> another concern is how well
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the nonstick coating will last. >> pants heated to 400° and scrubbed with steel wool some looked good even after 2,000 passes t-fal coating wore away quickly. another did worse. >> this is after less than 4 strokes these pants are -- these pans are unuse now. >> another earth pan did better the earth pan hard set $170 rates good for cooking food evenly. there's been concern nonstick pans with a chemical can release potentially harmful chemicals when heated. the manufacturer claim the nonstick coat something free of the chemical. consumer report show under normal cooking conditions levels of harmful chemicals are low. nevertheless, if a pan with a
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nonstick coating starts to flake, it is best to discard. michael finney, 7 on your side. >> we need a smart pan someone like siri to say, eggs ready, pan too hot. >> count me in. >> you work on that mike is working on the weather. sfo delays, how are they running? >> 68, yesterday they were 50, check ahead over use our flight tracker. vollmer peak across some of the marine layer clouds over the east bay hills into the valleysmont diablo in the distance. -- not even mist this morning not as much as yesterday, good news for the morning commute. here's a look at temperatures, 60 antioch, 61 redwood city and san jose, 62 continue view everybody else mid to upper 50s monterey bay and inland
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mid to upper 50s for you. here's what is going to happen today, sunshine faster, slightly warmer this afternoon. mostly cloudy and comfortable tonight like this morning. clouds increase in those and decrease in the temperatures as we head through the weekend. highs today still warmer east bay valleys livermore five degrees warmer at 92 everybody else slightly cooler, nappy 81 being oakland 71. -- napa 81, oakland 71. cloud cover through the morning, stubborn, we don't have a strong sea bees as we had yesterday we can get the clouds out an hour quicker and more pockets of sun at the coast, a few 60s, 70s, 80s bay, 80s, 90s inland. 80 san jose and cupertino, upper 70s to mid 80s south bay. throw upper 70s peninsula,
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redwood -- pacifica and daly city 59. mid 60s downtown south san francisco, through the north bay valleys upper 70s to low 80s, 68 in sausalito, low 60s along your coast east bay shore 69 berkeley, low to upper 70s for everybody else, upper 80s to mid 90s warmest in the east bay valleys didn't use the air conditioning yesterday you may get away with it today, 66 monterey, 69 watsonville. 60s tonight antioch, clearlake the rest of us mid to upper 50s. this weekend we still have area of low pressure west, high pressure south these two are spinning around pumping moisture best chance of thunderstorms over the ocean and up in the sierra. we'll get close but i'm still thinking it is going to be dry just cooler through the weekend. cooler than average monday,
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tuesday of next week. have a:67úu great day. here's frances. we are in better shape now than we were earlier this morning. nothing major reported, mass transit all system nose major delays. bay bridge toll just minor back-up for some of the cash paying lanes. things will be changing next week as a lot of folks head back-to-school. we'll show you the san mateo bridge westbound on the right out of hayward into foster city and san mateo, no delays now, drive time around 13, 14 minutes from 880 to 101, also light eastbound. checking out the south bay problem-free and here's a live shot of 280 for headlights moving northbound still at or above the limit through downtown san jose up towards cupertino, 17 out of the santa cruz. :19. the new health setback for
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prince philip. remembering the king, 35 years after his death the tribute to elvis outside graceland and what happened
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good thursday morning. no mist and drizzle. cloudy out there you can see that.
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that is going to leave us with a cooler day later mike checks weather. frances talks about the traffic. today is the 35th anniversary of elvis presley's ing -- passing. last night 75,000 of his fans flocked to graceland. they received a surprise greeting from his former wife and his daughter. they thanked supporters. this is the first time priscilla and lisa marie appeared together at this annual gathering. elvis died in 1977 from a heart attack after battling prescription drug abuse >> prince philip remains in the hospital this morning. the hospital admitted him yesterday because of a recurring bladder infection. this video with of the prince in april. he is likely to day in the hospital for a few days. he spent five days not in june because of the same bladder infection.
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scottish sailor claims to have the best picture of legendary loch ness monster. george edwards says he saw something out of the corner of his eye that was it he took the picture it shows what he says is the back of the sea creature. he has spent the last 26 years searching for the loch ness monster. why did he just take one picture? here's what he has to -- hear what he has to say on "good morning america" right after this newscast at 7 a.m.. still ahead, delivery from the milk -- from the melk man fans are feeling sour about. >> turf is down at the new memorial stadium. cal bears getting ready for their return. do you think suspended sheriff ross mirkarimi should keep his job? today you will find out if the ethics commission agrees with
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you. the panel's much awaited decision is expected to come today. that story coming up. good morning, warmest east bay valleys 80s and low 90s, 70s and 80s elsewhere steady along the coast into san francisco, low to mid 60s. rest of the country, portland 100, seattle 93, feels like fall in minneapolis and fargo, upper 60s. flight arrival delays into o'hare and midway with sfo. check out thatñcús
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good thursday morning. 6:30 the sun is high above looking gorgeous above the clouds i gotta go up high because we have clouds with us if you are underneath that like the rest of us you are seeing grey this morning. but, when will the sunshine through? that is the question. one that mike is going to answer. not as to be or not to be but still a good question, no doubt. good morning. good for the weatherman. live doppler showing clouds not dropping rain a little mist arm higher elevations and out at the coast throughout the next hour or so cloudy at the coast pockets of sun breezy, mid to upper 50s.
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around the bay cloudy through 7:00, 50s sunshine an hour quicker today temperatures slightly warmer, 60s to 70 at noon, 64 to 76 at 4:00. inland a few clouds low 50s to low 60s, a lot of sun by noon mid 70s to mid 80s our warmest weather will hit 2:00 and will taper to 80 to 90° that's our spread at 4:00. more about that weekend forecast in a minute. we'll find some of those low clouds over the golden gate bridge. still can find much traffic out of marin into san francisco. really been nice and quiet this morning other than this earlier crash on westbound 24 even that didn't cause delays when it was blocking a lane. bay bridge toll metering lights on, you can see traffic backed up almost towards west grand. that's just for the fastrak lanes. westbound 80 a bit more
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conjested as you make your way in pockets from richmond towards berkeley, still no major trouble down to the bay bridge toll. the ethics commission that will recommend whether suspended sheriff ross mirkarimi should keep or lose his job will hold is final hearing today. amy hollyfield join us -- joins a preview. >> reporter: we've been hearing about this for eight months now. we are going to get a decision today from the it s commission. ross mirkarimi believes he should be able to -- able to keep his job mayor lee says he should not. lawyers for both sides will present closing arguments before the ethics commission. that panel will recommend whether mirkarimi should remain as san francisco's mayor. it is a recommendation. the board of supervisors will make the final decision. the mayor says he doesn't know how that will vote. >> i have not thought through
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the board's voting or effort at all. i believe it to them as part of this that they individually have to review this as detailed as i did. my hope is they come to the same conclusion. it is a democracy so i have to be prepared for anything. >> reporter: mirkarimi pleaded guilty to false imprisonment after bruising his wife's arm during an argument. the mayor then suspended mirkarimi. today opinions will be loudly expressed. mirkarimi supporters, including his wife, plan a rally at city hall at noon. advocates for victims of domestic violence plan to be here as well they don't want him to keep his job. it should be a noisey, opinionated environment here as this much awaited decision is revealed. amy hollyfield, abc7 news. today the giants are expected to make a roster move to fill melky cabrera's spot.
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mlb us is chened -- suspended him yesterday for 50 games after he tested positive for excessive testosterone. the player's union filed a grievance but then dropped it after he admitted using the banned substance. he's apologized and his teammates are stunned. >> well, you know ultimately it was a bad decision that's all i'm going to say about it. >> obviously, not a good thing. i wouldn't expect that of him. >> you look like you are almost ready to cry. >> i am ready to cry. >> cabrera will miss the final 45 games of the season and five playoff games if the giants make it to the post-season. giants trail dodgers by one game.
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redwood city police looking for a serial armed robber who they say threatened a pregnant clerk. his image was captured. police say the man is responsible for robbing five redwood city businesses in just one week. maria torres is still find being it hard to get past the terror she felt, robbed at gunpoint last weekend. he says like this and here and like overhere. >> he -- he pointed the gun at your baby? >> yes. >> you're pregnant? >> yes. >> residents are passing around photos of the suspect. there's video of him. crimestoppers offering up to $3500 in reward money. public health officials and marin county coroner investigating death of a newborn at marin general. the infant died march 3rd,
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after a nurse gave the mom a labor inducing drug without a doctor's authorization. the nurse told authorities it was in compliance with standard procedures. the baby was born with a faint heartbeat and died shortly after. marin general has no comment on the . another incident at napa -- state hospital a patient tried to choke a male tech it happened one day after abc7 news told but the new safety measures to protect employees. land yards are alarms that can be easily triggered there are concerns the lanyards posed a choking danger that is what happened. the tech was sent to the hospital, he was not seriously injured. in a few hours the cal football team will practice for the first time in the newly renovated memorial stadium this is video from last month. the renovation project starred in november 2010. officials expect -- started in
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november 2010. officials expect it to be completed on time before the first game september 1st. at noon the national spotlight will shine on petaluma as that town's young all stars compete in the first game of the little league world series. this is yesterday in pennsylvania. today the team faces fairfield, connecticut shown live on espn. a viewing party will be held in petaluma with ticket sales helping to cover the travel expenses of the player's families, all seats $15. comcast, giants and a's shipping in -- chipping in $15,000 to make it possible for families to go with the kids. >> you know how earlier you were saying mike knows all you were right he even knows the game time temperature in pennsylvania for the kids. >> 83° under mostly sunny
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skies hopefully they will enjoy the experience. >> more humid there? >> a little. they had a cold front go through, definitely more than what we are used to, yes. live doppler quiet this morning. a lot of cloud cover, we don't have as much moisture in the clouds as yesterday. here's a look at low pressure but a little away from the coast retrograding, i don't think clouds will hang around as long today maybe an hour extra sunshine slightly warmer today. 50s to a few 60s in the east bay valleys through 7:00, mostly cloudy to partly cloudy sky. inland clouds back to the coast by noon, 50s and 60s there. 70s and 80s inland. 4:00 50s and 60s along the coast into san francisco and oakland, 70s for most of us, 80s still handling on east bay valleys. next three days more cloud cover and slightly cooler weather, i still think the best chance of thunderstorms out of that moisture will be
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in the sierra and over the coast. we are going to start off with a look in the east bay, traffic flowing on 680 through walnut creek, southbound right near north main then it picks up towards highway 24. with the waze traffic app someone reported a car on the shoulder, that might be causing the vote down, traffic is backing up almost towards highway 242, cars stacking up, those computers now. what is really heavy westbound 4 out of antioch, 16 miles an hour, traffic jammed as you make your way into pittsburg. no major trouble, a lot of it typical heavy traffic now as you head through antioch and also through the altamont pass which entirety mile as -- which is 30 miles an hour out of tracy, 205 through livermore slow ride into until you get into pleasanton. bay bridge toll, just backed
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up almost towards west grand. not a bad back-up, things are starting to change from the summertime pattern in the south bay, north 101 still looking good under 80 and one 01 so far -- under 880 and 101, so far fine. breaking news from afghanistan, 11 americans killed. we'll have details. also, latest from wall street trading underway. facebook is in the spotlight live report from the new york stock exchange straight ahead. dow up two points. first, fighting west nile virus the setback here at home and the rush to stop the virus across the country. dressing room discovery at a popular retailer creating concern for some california shoppers. yeyey)y$or
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. welcome back. we still have microclimates, 60s coast, 90s east bay valleys. you can see moisture in the lower right hand part of your screen, southern california prime for a few thunderstorms today, 107 palm springs, tomorrow best chance, those
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will tape neither weekend around tahoe appear yosemite near 80 tahoe, mid 90s yosemite. chance of rare thunderstorms around l.a. and san diego tomorrow those will tape neither weekend upper 80s l.a., mid 70s san diego. we want to take a minute to thank those of you who have contributed to the sleep train foster kids dream campaign. one dollar is donated for every like we get on our facebook page. thanks to lisa r of san rafael, jim l of san francisco and arlene i of martinez. to like us on facebook go to the abc7 news page click items -- thumbs button. julian assange ecuador just announced it will grand political asylum to wikileaks founder julian assange. mess follow us at
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abc7 newsbayarea. breaking news out of afghanistan nato says all seven troops -- troops killed in a helicopter crash are americans four afghans also kill taliban claiming responsibility for shooting down the helicopter in the kandahar province. nato investigating did not comment on the taliban claims. in the last hour we received word ecuador granted political asylum to wikileaks founder julian assange. in june he took refuge in the company's embassy in london to avoid extradition to sweden. he faces questioning for sexual misconduct allegations. ecuador's foreign minister says assange faced threat of political persecution including the threat of extradition to the united states where he says assange would not get a fair trial. vector control district will not fog an antioch neighborhood, it is waiting to reschedule because of the wind. mosquitoes infected with west
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nile were found in an area burned by wilbur, a street, east 18th and hillcrest. across the nation most countries unwatch health officials are urging people to use mosquito repellent when they are out if there is spraying in your area, it can't kill all the mosquitoes. >> it is widespread this is the worst year ever. 700 confirmed cases from that as many as 12,000 people have already been sickened. it is in 43 states. >> west nile usually affects elderly or unhealthy. most people never know they have it. dr. besser talks about precautionary measures on "good morning america" eight 7:00. president obama and mitt romney say they've agreed to suspend campaign advertising on the anniversary of the september 11th,
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terrorist tax. -- terrorist attack. bill clinton met up with bill clinton in uganda. in 1998 will visiting he held a tiny newborn named master bill clinton. 14 years later the former president met up with his namesake again for lunch this past friday. according to the clinton foundation website the teen was named after the former president because he was born in the same month clinton first arrived in the african nation. jane king sat new york stock exchange. -- is at the new york stock exchange. good morning.
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big day, everybody is talking about facebook here today and shares are lower this morning down 5%. this is early investors prevented from selling until now by the rules. had their first chance to dump the stock since the may initial public offering. cisco shares judgmenting more than 7% is the world's biggest maker of computer networking equipment better than expected the company keeping costses in check through job cuts electronic arts watching stocks hugely popular video games may be a takeovertarget by a private equity firm as well as others. quiet start to things here one trader saying we don't have anti-loitering laws on wall street a lot of people standing around over the past week or so, quiet. government report showing the number of building permits
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jumping to a four year night july encouraging news about the housing -- high in july, encouraging news in the housing market. delta fails to raise ticket prices after trying earlier to boost fares the airline has dropped the attempt coming as low cost rivals unveil new sales. american airlines out with a sale similar to one southwest is running you have to buy by the 20 tourth of august for deals stretching into the day before -- 24th of august for deals stretching into the day before valentine's day of next year. [ unintelligible ] a lot of people waiting for loved ones to arrive at sfo this morning. >> got those flight arrival delays 68 minutes you can see why clouds cascading through the east bay hills as we look to the south from vollmer
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peak. cloud cover is about all we're picking up now, maybe a little mist along the coast in the higher elevations as you drive through those clouds, dry this morning. low 60s antioch, most of the peninsula into the south bay everybody else in the mid to upper 50s monterey bay and inland cloudy mid to upper 50s. sunshine faster today, afternoon temperatures slightly warmer, cloudy and comfortable tonight, 50s and 60s. clouds increase then a decrease -- drop this temperatures this weekend. -- drop in temperatures this weekend. 64 in san francisco one degree warmer today san jose's 82 degrees warmer oakland 71 santa rosa 81. still not paying attention is he? concord and fremont 89 to 78,
6:52 am
four degrees cooler. here's a look at 59 pacifica as we drive towards oakland jump to 71 east bay valleys, 93° healthy spread once again let's get specific with numbers brentwood 93, danville and walnut creek around 90°. 69 berkeley, throw upper 70s most of the east bay shore south bay upper 70s to mid 80s on the peninsula today, in the 70s with near 60 along the coast mid 60s downtown south san francisco, upper 70s to low 80s north bay valleys, beaches in the 60s, 60 bodega bay. 66 monterey, 73 santa cruz, 90 into morgan hill. lows tonight cloverdale, clearlake antioch 60s everybody else 50s mostly cloudy. low to our west high to our
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east, swirling between those two going to be the flow that brings moisture from tropical depression hector, i think the best chance of thunderstorms will be in the sierra and limited chance over the ocean, we'll see more clouds and you can see the cooler temperatures. temperatures will continue to cool next week where we will be below average for highs monday and tuesday. new crash reported in the south bay northbound 85 at de anza already on the shoulder, a little slowing approaching the scene. westbound 80 traffic drive time bumped up to 22 minutes from the carquinez to the maze. just a three minute delay. check out the bay bridge toll, lighter now only backed up to the end of the parking lot. enjoy the summertime light traffic while you can. >> san mateo bridge fine, westbound traffic on the right, eastbound looking good into hayward no big slow downs on 101 through san mateo, 880
6:54 am
through hayward will start to see that between 7:00 to 9:00 hour. é h 101 zooming along underneath 880. slowing before you get to the shot on north 101 heavy from alum rock to mckey. 6:54. in southern california, sheriffs officials are trying to find out how a small camera ended up inside a woman's dressing room at a gap store. a female worker may the discovery in mission vallejo she was trying on clothes over the weekend when she noticed the camera hidden in a picture frame someone concealed that camera with black electrical tape. gap believes this is an isolated incident. here are five things to know before you go. number one, ethics commission expected to make a recommendation to the san francisco board of supervisors on whether suspended ross mirkarimi
6:55 am
should stay in office. the final >> number two, sam swung expected to make major announcement in san jose regarding future plans in the city. the mayor and the governor will be there. sam swung currently in a legal battle with -- samsung currently in a legal battle with apple. yesterday mlb suspended melky are for 50 games after he tested positive for excessive testosterone. >> cal football team will practice for the first time in that newly renovated stadium. the project started in november 2010. expected to be completed on time before the first game. petaluma's young all stars will play in the first game of the little league world series in pennsylvania. a viewing party will be held at the boulevard cinema in
6:56 am
petaluma. the team faces connecticut shown live on espn. final check of your forecast. here's mike with the weather here and maybe even in pennsylvania. >> he knows all. >> mostly sunny 83 game time temperature there. live doppler, cloudy, creating 68 minute flight arrival delays into sfo. a few pockets of sun along the coast 60, 65 to 78 with afternoon sun around the bay hottest inland from 79 north bay valleys to valleys. bay bridge toll as you get ready for work only backed up to the end of the parking lot. right now typical delays around the bay area, including westbound 580 through livermore under 30 miles an hour, traffic spotter from the mcrib group submitted a picture this is what it looks
6:57 am
like on westbound 580. typical delays on north 101 san jose and northbound 87, some heavy traffic reported there. that's did it for this edition of the abc7 morning news. don't forget to download our new alarm clock app for your iphone wake up to the bay area's latest headline, weather and traffic, all on your phone. your phone. have a great day.
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